Autumn Amble for Wild Birds

Golden leaf medals Quiver ‘n flake off in air: Autumn sighs deeply. Cloud tuffs swhoosh blue skies, Paintbrush branches sweep above While crunch stepfalls on path. Great Horned Owl –o- wise, Wind sweeping -fluffs your feathers, Solid wisdom sits. Wood Duck puffs colour Bands green-blue and magenta: Moving mosaic. 

North West Mounted Police: Red Jacket Legacy of the RCMP

Right by the Bow River bike-pedestrian path and flat prairie parkland, is Fort Calgary. Once a station for the North West Mounted Police who were part of Calgary’s historic development.  Indeed, the police are part of the Canadian prairie and northern history for law enforcement. Now, we know them at home and abroad, as the Royal…

Missed and Real Encounters: Pacific Whales and Wild Dolphins

Many long-time westcoasters hope to see a whale or dolphins in the wild at least once in their lifetime.  It is  not necessarily that simple by just living in Vancouver. You usually have to travel much further out into the ocean waters at certain times of the year. It would be at least 30-100 kms….