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Since 1992, Jean has been a long-time Canadian cyclist  in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary. Vancouver has been one of her bike home destinations since 2002.  She  has written for Tourism Vancouver’s Inside Vancouver blog to promote cycling tourism (sample articles provided)  and for Momentum cycling magazine.  She knows many regular cyclists who have discovered the key to good health, youthfulness and fun.

She was also Blogmaster for Third Wave Cycling Group Inc. where you can see a fuller profile and as well, for the  Velo-city Global 2012 Cycling Conference Blog.   She  summarizes  how her blogs evolved in a guest blog post, “Blogging and Cycling: It’s Like a Drug”.

A 2014 mini-profile here on her cycling lifestyle. A partial snapshot of where she’s worked to feed her cycling lifestyle. (But believe her, it’s still cheaper to live a car-free life.)Winter cycle portrait jean 2016


Poll results for Cycle Write reader question Jan. 2011
Poll results for Cycle Write Blog reader question: What topic do you like to read the most on Cycle Write Blog?

These are  informal poll results from 31 readers of Cycle Write Blog when they were asked for question in Jan. 2011:  Topic I  like most  on Cycle Write Blog.  Over 65% readers liked  any topic, as long as it was good (interpreted as well-written) article with photos.

The remaining graph sections that were each divided 3.23%  equally:  Travel, Sustainability and Not Interested.  (Sorry, I  neglected to drop the 2 decimals.)

Thanks for responding to this poll and offering comments to this blog  at different times!   Hope you occasionally drop by to check new goodies.  Your feedback is always welcome.

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