Six Courses for Over Six Decades

Wouldn’t it be lovely to see the decades of your life like grazing through a menu of lovely food dishes? If every decade could be so tasty and palatable. Certainly, each decade has been memorable.

Smoked tuna loin with bottle of French red wine from one of our cycling trips in France. Jan. 2020.

Jack brought some fresh seafood from Vancouver when flying in and preparing a 6-course birthday dinner for me. He was mysterious about it prior to the culinary cookathon.  All I knew was there would be a bakery-bought gourmet cake. Quite typical how we celebrate each other’s birthday over the years, an elegant gourmet cake from a bakery.

Birthday chef just before sharing scallop dish he made. Jan. 2020

Not surprisingly in true Jackish fashion, he served smoked tuna loin on artisan bread –an invention of his. Then there was delicate lobster bisque, followed by gently sautéed Digby scallops with a sauce, esacargots, a salmon fillet with his handmade spaetzle on the side with a white wine sauce over green peas, a veggie I love.

Salmon fillet pan sauteed with scallions, white wine sauce over peas. Jan. 2020

The seafood extravaganza was topped by a matcha tea cheesecake from a favourite local bakery. Our meal was graced with red wine I had bought over 4 years ago when we went cycling in the Burgundy wine region in France.

Gourmet matcha tea cheesecake from a favourite local bakery. Jan.2020

There was no food meaning match for each decade of life. Just a creative tour de force fun to see its creation and to savour.

Sharing a chocolate raspberry ganache pie for Valentine’s Day a few weeks later. Feb. 2020

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  1. Pit says:

    You are makig my mouth water! 🙂

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  2. Now that’s love! Happy birthday and many more delicious decades to come!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jean says:

      Yea, it was good stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Jean says:

        Thx for the warm shout of longevity… well, hopefully in a quality way.

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