Christmas Snow Beauty, Whimsy and Deliciousness

Some Christmases are for real, especially those living in northern climates:   some snow at home, fun irrelevance with all the decorations, even flat-out commercialization and special food treats.

Cosy gingerbread tableau. Part of annual gingerbread Christmas contest. Hyatt Hotel, Vancouver BC 2018. Photo by J.Chong

Soft Falling Snow Feeds Dreams
Lush snowy drifts doesn’t pile on every Christmas in all parts of Canada.  But when the snow does fall around Christmas, snowfluffy times feed more future dreams and longing for same magic for anyone.

Snowshoeing along Tram Line. Rocky Mountains near Lake Louise. Alberta 2019. Photo by J.Chong

I have teen memories of night snow falling gently and muffling distant traffic sounds, while we’re shovelling snow.  Then going back into the warmth of a lit home, to lounge by the Christmas tree while some carol music was playing.

Local pastry chefs showcase Christmas creativity. Vancouver BC 2018. Photo by J.Chong

Only in the past decade and by coincidence, living in a city where there is an annual gingerbread tableaux competition, where we troop off to view the whimsical, sometimes wobbly creations.  More manifestations of Christmas wishes and frivolity in miniature cookie dough characters set among hand-shaped landscapes with snow, ice, food and frolicking northern snow animals like reindeer, penguins and polar bears.

Chinatown gingerbread scene with taiko Japanese drum. Hyatt Hotel, Vancouver BC. Photo by J.Chong

In some neighbourhoods, especially those who have money, even dogs get into the Christmas spirit with help from their adoring owners and pet store retailers:  doggie tree decorations, dog winter parkas and dog food treats for the gift stocking.

Doggie tree decorations. 2018. Photo by J.Chong
Christmas dog parka for yuppie dogs in warm Vancouver where there is less snow 2018. Photo by J.Chong

Food Art and Fun
Admittedly, ever since I’ve known Jack, our Christmases are punctuated by some wonderful home and now increasingly store bought Christmas cake and kristollen.  The latter is a desert German cake-like bread which includes almond paste (marzipan) and light dried fruit.  It is not the British traditional heavier fruit cakes –more light and much drier in taste.

Kristollen, a German style sweet fruit bread. Usually made with marzipan or almond paste, light dried fruit. 2018. Photo by J.Chong

At this time of year, local pastry chef might ply dessert cake slices made with chestnut cream, liquor, wine or lovely glistening fruits such as raspberry or cherry.

Bakery pastries during Christmas feature cakelets with chestnut crème. Vancouver BC 2018. Photo by J.Chong
Our warm wishes for a happy Christmas.
Bounty of special treats. 2018. Photo by J.Chong
A family invitee to Christmas Eve dinner: dog gets its own doggie treats while we eat. 2018. Photo by J.Chong

I feel very fortunate to experience enough iconic winter snow Christmases and harmless frivolities that add to the magic, because I live in a peaceful northern country like Canada.  I am blessed to have provided or shared some great Christmas dinners and food with people whom I love.  Many past experiences are the stuff of dreams which we hope each of us can continue for future Christmas celebrations.

Merry Christmas.  Joyeaux Noel!

Snowshoeing along Tram Line towards Lake Louise, Banff National Park. Alberta 2019. Photo by J.Chong

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  1. Marta says:

    It never snows much in here, and neither did it snow in my hometown, so my Christmas have never been “snow white”, hehe.

    Those gingerbread creations are so cute. In Catalonia there’s a tradition of making chocolate Nativity scenes for Christmas, but not in the rest of Spain. We do have some special sweets that are only available during Christmas.

    Those forest pictures look like something out of a fairy tale!!


    1. Jean says:

      Hope you have experienced snow for Christmas…even though it might be getting used to cold. Is snowing right now at sunset and very pretty. Abit slippery outside. Probably around -8 degrees C…which is better than last wk. @ -20 degrees C.

      So that means chocolate itself is a special dessert in Catalonia. I didn’t know that was your home area. I’m sure you have an opinion about the politics there.
      My best wishes for a wonderful Christmas where you are, Marta. 🙂


      1. Marta says:

        I’m not from Catalonia myself but my mum is (and all my mum’s side of the family). It’s a complicated topic as it touches many personal sensitivities. However, if I think about it from a non-personal point of view, Spanish politics are in such a sad state that I would want to be independent too, hahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Jean says:

          We only get a sliver of what has been going on in North America, probably for centuries in Spain.


  2. I always feel like a Christmas needs to be white to be “right.” And yet I live in Southern California.

    At least I don’t need to invest in doggie sweaters?

    I love all the pictures although they have made me very hungry for seasonal sweets.


    1. Jean says:

      Well, honest I wouldn’t want to spend Christmas vacation in a tropical country. Sure, some Christmases we had no snow. That’s ok. It’s just cold with the lights at night.

      Liked by 1 person

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