Cultural Olympiad Vancouver 2010- Lantern Sculptures Light the Way

Canoe team light sculpture Vancouver
LunarFest light sculpture. Vancouver 2010.

 A traffic-free zone on Granville Street between Robson and Georgia has been transformed for only one month into a sparkling display of light sculptures and lanterns. The LunarFest 2010 art display and performance is part of several arts cultural events coordinated under  the  Cultural Olympiad Vancouver 2010, before and during the Olympics. The LunarFest light sculpture event is free.

At the event’s web site: “LunarFest is Canada’s premier presenter of contemporary expression in Asian arts and culture. It endeavors to reach new Canadians and those

Dancing with You- Across the Pacific. By Chen-Yu Yen 2010.
Dancing with You- Across the Pacific. By Chen-Yu Yen 2010.

who have been here for many generations to share in the diversity of Canada. It also encourages and fosters the collaboration of Canadian and International cultural presenters to create new forms of artistic expressions. LunarFest is a festival that brings together Soul, Art and Life on one stage”.

There was forest of lanterns, which each lantern was individually designed and  submitted by Metro Vancouver school children in celebration of the Lunarfest and for a lantern shade design competition. Nearby were large commissioned light art sculptures by professional artists that delighted pedestrians. This close-up light sculpture, ‘Dancing with You –Across the Pacific’, by Chen Yu-Yen “explores new meanings of the traditional bamboo fish baskets commonly used among South Island peoples along the Pacific Ocean. It transorms the original fish-catching container to represent nurturing and shelter. The illuminated interior signifies the sacred and self-sustaining status of life.”  

A celebratory display of light and contemporary artistic cultural  fusion  –and a wonderful alternative from just the lighted Olympic rings floating on the waters of Burrard Inlet by Brockton Point near Stanley Park.

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  1. Nádja&Jos says:

    When I started reading this post it reminded me of James Clavell’s Asian Saga series. I love the way he contrasts western and Asian culture in his book.
    It must have been great to visit such event. I specially loved the photo and your explanation of the bamboo fish baskets.


    1. Jean says:

      We certainly were delighted with art lantern light display during the Olympics. They had shut down the street from car traffic.


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